Dec 30, 2014

Jeremy Renner separated from his wife after 10 months of marriage

Jeremy Renner separated from his wife after 10 months of marriage

Don't have time to monitor developments in his personal life, Jeremy Renner: in September we discussed that the actor secretly married, and here's the unexpected news-divorce. As reported by the press, Renner divorces Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, which just ten months ago officially became his wife.

To divorce Sonny had filed. The reasons for this decision it stated "irreconcilable differences".

Interestingly, the model also requires that Renner has returned her documents, which allegedly stole: in court papers that the actor is a passport, birth certificate and a certificate of insurance made out by his wife.

In addition, Sonni Pacheco said in a statement that there is a marriage contract between spouses, but noted that it is not valid due to "fraud" on the part of her husband.

Sonni  wants to get custody of Ava-with Jeremy's daughter.

The baby was born in March of last year, and only in September 2014 on Jeremy Renner admitted in an interview that he and Sonni Pacheco were married. According to the actor, they and his wife did not want to attract public attention to this event, so legitimized relationship secretly.

Well, but the details of the divorce, the pair quickly became public.

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