Jeanne Friske first appeared in public with her son Plato

Jeanne Friske first appeared in public with her son Plato

December 29 Jeanne Friske first time after a long absence was seen in public. The singer in the company of his wife and son Dmitry Shepeleva Plato visited the New Year's show.

This was reported to your friends on Facebook spouse Igor Butman - Oksana Butman:

And Jeanne Friske with her husband and son with us on Maria Kiseleva representation "Northern Lights" !!! So cool !!! 

According to eyewitnesses, the singer acted relaxed and enjoy the view. The audience showed an amazing show tact and sensitivity, not trying to take a picture of Joan or ask a celebrity autograph.

In January 2014 Jeanne Friske discovered a brain tumor. Charitable funds managed to raise funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of the singer abroad.

In October Jeanne returned to Moscow, and last month gave an interview in which he said that in the near future is not going to come back on the scene, but does not exclude such a possibility in the long run.

Jeanne Friske first appeared in public

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