Dec 21, 2014

Idris Elba - the new James Bond?

Idris Elba - the new James Bond?

After the hacker attack on the company Sony became known to many intrigues of the world of cinema. In addition, the last in the Western media have published several emails of employees, which discussed the possibility of participation of Idris Elba in the new parts of the James Bond franchise.

For example, Amy Pascal argued in a letter that "the next Bond should be Idris." No better information or fuller rumors have not yet discovered.

Recall movie "Spectrum" with Daniel Craig will be the 24th part of the popular franchise. The filmmakers have repeatedly stated that after its release is planned completely redefine the concept of subsequent works.

In addition, he recently told Craig that displeased the new part of the "James Bond":

I tried to get away of it from the beginning. But they would not let go of me, so I signed a contract for another couple of films. Still, business is business. Let's see how the rest of the rental operation. If something goes wrong - I am happy to tear the contract!

Note that around the "Spectrum" is not abating scandals: first, from the shooting stole nine expensive luxury cars, and then as part of a hacker attack on Sony Pictures was published early version of the script of the film, after which the creators had to rewrite some episodes of the story.

premiere is scheduled for October 2015 node.

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