Dec 19, 2014

'Hot' guard Jennifer Lawrence blew up the Internet

'Hot' guard Jennifer Lawrence blew up the Internet

Recently we wrote about a possible romance Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Gabe Polsky. However, insiders denied the report, saying that they are actually old friends. Also, as a source told the publication E! Online, Polski meets best friend of the actress.

But in the network rather quickly spread photos of the new bodyguard Lawrence - Justin riblets, which attracted the attention of many girls. The first time the paparazzi photographed him accompanying the actress in Los Angeles airport.

Then on social networks rose a perfect storm: many girls flooded account riblets communication with the compliments of his appearance.

In place of Jennifer I would have made him her new boyfriend.

I want to be Jennifer one day, just to Justin was standing next to me,

- mentioned in some of them.

In addition, many remember the movie "The Bodyguard" with Whitney Houston starring actress and advised to follow the example of the protagonist picture.

Some users recommend Justin to change jobs, and try yourself as a model because, in their opinion, the young man pronounced model looks.

Note that riblets first served in the US Armed Forces.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston