Dec 5, 2014

Double holds better! | Miley Cyrus upgraded to obenrum

Double holds better | Miley Cyrus upgraded to obenrum

Miley Cyrus is newly in love. With her beloved Patrick Schwarzenegger one sees the singer repeatedly billing and cooing in public.

Did her through Geknalltheit but obviously not detract, because in terms of styling, Miley surprised even ever every time on the new. She has just conjured up a very special shirt from her closet: a long sleeve with printed breasts.

Read it right. Before a performance in Miami, you saw the artist at sound check in a belly-free shirt with pink sleeves and an breast overprint. This, she wore short shorts in the worn look. Unusual hair accessories could be missed of course and so Miley wore a headband type with two pink braided braids on her head.

Under the right eye, the 22-year-old also stuck three pink glitter dots and you have a really quite ordinary outfit à la Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus a long sleeve with printed breasts