Dec 23, 2014

Celebrities mourn Joe Cocker

Celebrities mourn Joe Cocker

On Monday night in the United States on the 71-year life died of lung cancer is one of the greatest contemporary rock artists Joe Cocker, who presented the world lots of unforgettable hits.

Fans, colleagues and friends of the musician still can't believe what happened-many of them shared their emotions in social networks.

One of the first was Paul McCartney:

Very sad to hear of the passing of Joe. He was a good guy from the North of England, I loved it as much as many other people. I loved how he sang. I was very pleased when he decided to perform a cover version of With A Little Help From My Friends. I remember how he and producer Denny Cordell came to my Studio and have me listen to his record. It was just stunning, they completely transformed the song and turned it into a hymn style of soul music. I have always been grateful to him for that. for many years, he was a good friend of mine, I was very saddened to learn that he is ill. Very sad to hear that it is not. He gave so much to this world. It will be missed.

Paul McCartney

Another former member of the Beatles Ringo Starr and could not comment on the incident:

Goodbye and God bless you, Joe Cocker. From one of your friends - peace and love.

Bryan Adams:

Rest in peace, my dear friend, you were one of the best singers in rock history.

Stephen Tyler:

We have always loved you. We will always miss you. Rest in peace, Joe Cocker.

Hugh Laurie:

Oh, my God. Joe Cocker. The world now feels like he table on two legs. 

Hugh Laurie

Bette Midler:

Goodbye, Joe Cocker. Never had one like him. And never will be. One of the musical eras just completed.

David Duchovny:

Joe Cocker RIP. What a voice.

Boy George:

Goodbye, Joe Cocker! 

Joe Cocker