Dec 15, 2014

Anna Khilkevich will be married in the summer of 2015 year

Star of "Univer" actress Anna Khilkevich told how to prepare for the wedding with her lover Arthur. The triumph is scheduled for 2015.

Anna Khilkevich will be married in the summer of 2015 year

Star of "Univer" (Универ) Anna Khilkevich told about how to prepare for the wedding. Recently, the actress admitted that she received a marriage proposal from her lover, businessman Arthur. Events of this Anya did not do - just show a "Instagrame" ring with an impressive diamond. And now finally decided to talk about how she was summoned to marry, and how will this celebration.

In an interview with Relax Khilkevich admitted that the most important words uttered her beloved man on holiday in the Maldives when the couple celebrated the 28th anniversary of the actress. Arthur gave Anna a real surprise in the form of a romantic breakfast: on the balcony of the hotel everything was decorated with flowers and a plate adorned ring. Standing on one knee, the businessman offered to marry the star. "I have a surprise including internal actress: I think - here it is necessary to cry. Because how else? So it is accepted! But then came the following: Caique tears? I'm so comfortable with this person, I am with him always so, what is! I neighing, hugged him and said, "Yes!" And what is most interesting when Arthur made me an offer on the roof of our house sat a stork ..."

Anna Khilkevich says that at first they planned to quietly with her lover to sign in December, but then postponed the wedding for the summer of 2015. For the bride it will be the second marriage - a union with the administrator of the series "Barvikha" Anton Pokrepa lasted 1.5 years. Khilkevich says he does not plan to wear a dress is, but it certainly is a white and very stylish.

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