Dec 5, 2014

Andressa Urach: Po-model has awoken from his coma

Andressa Urach: Po-model has awoken from his coma

She wanted a bigger butt and would have paid almost with the life.

The Brazilian model Andressa Urach underwent equal plastic surgery nine times, impressive to make her rear view, until it came to dramatic complications. Their fabric is ignited as a result of the injection of a special gel, she required emergency surgery and finally fell after a septic shock in a coma. But fortunately, there are now clear: Andressa is conscious again.

On her Facebook page is reported by medical communication, that the model is on the mend. Therefore Andressa wakes up is not only out of the coma, but also already independently, could breathe without the aid of technical devices. Also, she have can speak already. To the security she remain Conceição yet for the time being for observation in the ICU at the hospital Nossa Senhora da.

One can only hope that Andressa is still so rapidly recovering and will soon be discharged from the hospital.