Mega Ball! Hayden Panettiere in bikini relaxing

- November 20, 2014

Mega Ball! Hayden Panettiere in bikini relaxing

When Hayden Panettiere it can really not be long until finally their common daughter with boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko comes into the world. But until it is really so far, the pretty actress takes again a little break, because after the birth, they actually want to do not take parental leave.

In Hawaii they currently spend some relaxing days. A lap swimming in the hotel pool as part of course with them. And no matter where Hayden is staying, the paparazzi are not far away from it and provide directly some pictures of the heavily pregnant 25-year-olds in skimpy bikini. The gaudy shell covered everything that is obscure and, with its flounces even on Haydens Mega ball on. And the panties covered the most important thing, but is already pretty mini. But what can we say? Hayden is anyway almost everything - and the main thing they feel comfortable.



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