Nov 14, 2014

After Po-Alert: Kim Kardashian shows mega cleavage

Kim Kardashian shows mega cleavage

Kim Kardashian butt is now almost famous Herself! After she presented her expansive trademark completely naked on the cover of a magazine, it was on everyone's lips. But what we forget sheer Popo Alert: Kim also has an impressive front view!

In the latest photos you can see the reality star on the way to an event in Los Angeles. While she hides her ass almost demurely up to her waist in a skin-colored pants, lets her cleavage hardly any room for imagination. Since Kim has really two unbeatable arguments - and this time are not meant her buttocks! Kimmy knows precisely how to put on a show, and not stingy with her charms. After the birth of daughter Nori it has finally worked hard on her body and will also necessarily show him! Therefore, Kim Kardashian granted determined in future deep insights ...

Kim Kardashian shows mega cleavage