Nov 2, 2014

Chelsea Handler parodied Vladimir Putin shirtless

Chelsea Handler parodied Vladimir Putin shirtless

A few days ago Chelsea Handler made a parody of Vladimir Putinbare-chested on a horse and placed in a comic collage Instagram. After the image was deleted by administration, presenter accused the social network of sexism and delete your account.

The commentary to photo collages Handler put hashtag #kremlin and wrote:

woman has the right to do everything better, that man can do. 

Soon the post started to spread on the Internet, and its representatives Instagram removed, citing rules to ban the publication of the nude.

Then Handler made another record:

So the man her nipples show in pictures possible, and no women? Now what year 1825?

Addition, Chelsea posted a photo collage in Twitter and wrote already there:

prohibits such pictures - sexism. I have every right to show my body better than Putin.

Then again the star posted a photo to Instagram and comments noted:

If Instagram again will remove it, so they believe that Vladimir more rights to free speech than me. Talk about it with their superiors.

Logical that an hour later the administration of social networks to deal with this photo collages as well as with the original - delete.

Earlier, the ban on Instagram nudity protest Scout Willis, Rihanna and other stars.

Chelsea Handler