Oct 22, 2014

Time for a New Love | Beatrice Egli: So she wants to find her dream man

Since the beginning of the year Beatrice Egli is single again. Since there is but high time for a new man in her life! But at the coveted pop singer's private life must back off for now.

"I'm happy the way I am degree and it does not have to be someone by my side, so I am completely. I think that's pretty good. Currently I have a full life and that of course to do with the fact that I very , have a lot to do and very, very much work and the work now also a big part of my life in availing "Beatrice tells the celebrity flash interview. Nevertheless, she has not quite given up hope of her love luck

"But of course, if the right thing comes.'s For the love always there and when the time is right there, then you will already know all!" How they want to find the man of her dreams.