Oct 30, 2014

There are certain predictions: fast lane! Taylor Swift "1989" record-breaking

Only on Monday appeared Taylor Swift new album titled "1989", but long before that made the pretty singer her fans throughout wuschig, was already small impressions award and counted on social networks a countdown to the release down.

Now - after their album is on the market for only two days - the blonde is already forecast a new world record.

 You could be the first artist who has released three plates each in the first week, over one million copies have come up for sale.

If would be sold within this week about a million times "1989" as Billboard predicts with high probability, this album would be only the 19th album Allerzeiten that breaks the seven-digit mark at all. Their previous records "Speak Now" from 2010, and "Red" of 2012, already sold 1.05 million or 1.21 million times within the first week. That would of course not all.

The album of the popular artist would also be the first of this year, which was taken or downloaded over a million times from the shelf. No wonder, as well as Taylor her new heart promotes ...

Taylor Swift new album titled 1989