Oct 21, 2014

So in love on the Red Carpet | Ryan Reynolds fascinated by pregnant Blake

So in love on the Red Carpet

You are probably actually the sweetest couple that Hollywood has to offer. Although Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been married for two years, they just shine in a new splendor. The task as parents-gives the two that is still an extra helping of satisfaction, you might say.

On the red carpet for charity ball of the Angel Foundation, the blonde put not only her growing baby bump in scene, but also their wonderful relationship with Ryan Reynolds. The couple could namely not let the eyes of each other and exchanged glances with each other constantly fell out. These pictures are especially nice for the fans, because so often the couple is not at public events together. This time they even came not only for two, but also had Ryan's mother with it.

The Hollywood star, who joked recently about abstruse baby names, acts exactly like his wife totally happy. Not for nothing, it also means that a pregnancy can be the woman for the man look even more attractive. Between the two is truly a crackle in the air.

pregnant Blake Lively fascinated

pregnant Blake Lively fascinated

pregnant Blake Lively fascinated