Oct 22, 2014

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom spotted together in Los Angeles airport

A few days ago Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were spotted together at the international airport of Los Angeles LAX. Ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr husband flew to Vancouver with the same flight. Rumors of a novel 22-year-old singer and 37-year-old actor appeared in the spring of this year.

Note that Selena went to the airport together with his best friend Alfredo Flores Bieber and Bloom kept a little distance from them.

An eyewitness told the following:
They sat together in the lounge area, and then went together to the plane. However, at the sight of the photographers they departed from each other.

According to media, Gomez and Bloom went to Canada for a charity conference We Day, which has participated in the March. Stars who work with one agent, will perform at the event with a rousing speech. The main task of the organizers of the We Day - inspire young people to action and to give them confidence.

Recall that in late September, Selena Gomez once again broke up with Justin Bieber, suspected him of an affair with model Kendall Jenner. A little earlier, in late July, Bieber and Bloom fought over Miranda Kerr in Ibiza and has since been regarded as sworn enemies.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom in Los Angeles airport

Orlando Bloom in airport

Selena Gomez in Los Angeles airport

Selena Gomez in Los Angeles airport

Selena Gomez in airport