Oct 22, 2014

One hardly recognizes her, Stiff expression: Renée Zellweger rigid in flash

One hardly recognizes her, Renée Zellweger rigid in flash

That Renée Zellweger fell over a year ago under the knife and her appearance completely changed, is pretty much old hat. However, considering the latest photos of the actress, it is still somewhat amazed that the person depicted there really should be the once chubby Bridget Jones actress.

The fans were shocked last year by the change of the actress and the stars showed themselves shocked when they saw the result of their operations. Renee has in fact just leave all the characteristics wegoperieren and can virtually model a completely "new" face. After a lot of Botox, an eyelid lift and a nose reduction Renée sees no more slowly out as themselves. During the third part of "Bridget Jones", filming will begin to in all probability next year, is rumored to be Renée again with by the game was. Remains to be seen whether the new, modified version of the actress in the role of clumsy and selfish by chocolate Bridget Jones still is convincing and is actually still go down well with the fans.

Do you think Renee with her face still operated can embody the role of Bridget convincing?

One hardly recognizes her, Renée Zellweger rigid in flash