Oct 26, 2014

No glamor? Blake Lively plans normal childhood

Since Blake Lively has officially announced their first pregnancy, the expectant mom radiates not only happy, but has apparently already eagerly made plans for the future of their small family. So not only is known that the actress a whole gang wants to offspring, but also that they do not want to educate à la Hollywood her unborn baby. Blake plans that their offspring experienced a normal childhood.

Compared to E! News chatted a friend of the blonde and her husband Ryan Reynolds, as the two imagine her life as a family:
They want to give their child a normal childhood, it should play outside, get a puppy, catching fireflies ... . They want their child to do all that.
In order to implement their ideas into practice, Blake and Ryan have also been made a fundamental decision, such as the insider further explained:
  They have discussed that the baby will grow up outside of Los Angeles.

Sounds as if there were soon plenty of changes in the lives of the two movie stars, but because of his Ryan Blake be on hand, they are sure to master the challenges well.