Oct 27, 2014

Magazine nominates Posh Spice: Victoria Beckham is "Entrepreneur of the Year"

Has reason to celebrate Victoria Beckham is currently more than enough: Recently opened in London, the new flagship store of her fashion label, which was rushing appeal. Not only by their first own fashion store, the former Spice Girl has become a heavyweight in the fashion industry, because now Victoria was a great honor: The renowned business magazine Management Today has named the 40-year-old to "UK entrepreneur of the year".

As justification for his decision led to the journal that the designer had increased within five years the sales of their fashion labels from just over one million to 38 million euros. In addition, they now occupy 100 employees - in 2009 there were only three. "My finely-tuned business acumen brings you the top ranking 2014", the magazine holds the praises of Victoria, who is with her fashion line now converted 267 million euros worth.

Posh also appeared overwhelmed by the choice, as she told the magazine: "Previously I felt famous, but now I feel successful." Family and Work: Currently everything Victoria touches seems to turn to gold.