Justin Bieber takes a bath and plays with foam

Cantor released the photo controversy early on Wednesday, 22, in a social network.

Justin Bieber took a bath with foam and joked early on Wednesday, 22. The singer released the controversial photo on his Twitter profile. In the image, Bieber appears with foam on face, simulating a beard.

Shirtless, Justin Bieber exercised and exhibited his six pack recently. The singer appears sweaty, practicing boxing in the photos released last Thursday, 16, in her profile on the social network Instagram.

Justin Bieber  practicing boxing

In the last 17 days, Justin Bieber showed in that photo also appears shirtless and the muscular and tattooed body on display. The followers of Bieber heaped praise to idols and wrote comments like "you're perfect" "oh my God" and "tasty".

Bieber heaped praise to idols and wrote comments like

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