Oct 22, 2014

Is there something? Jennifer Lopez celebrates with Bruno Mars!

Jennifer Lopez is well known to younger, crisp men. Schnuckel bard Bruno Mars would then actually fall exactly into the prey schema of beautiful single mom. It's no wonder that a common party night of the two immediately ensures bubbling in the rumor mill: offing since about a new musician-perfect at couple?

The fact is that J.Lo has visited the concert of Bruno Mars in Las Vegas a few days ago, so Female First. Then they should with their manager but also to the more intimate after-show party of the singer in his club "Marquee" went and partied until the early morning hours. According to the New York Post had all danced and had a lot of fun and Bruno have sung from the DJ booth of a few of his songs. With regard to a possible affair between La Lopez and Le Mars it means in plain English: Celebration yes, no flirting! Because supposedly Jennifer wants once absolutely no Boyfriend: "For me it was about a relationship in the next This is not something I am ashamed, but currently it's just nice to be there for me and to think only of me." cited Female First.

While it is therefore looks like there is on a private level, no new dream couple in the music business - a vocal partnership in the form of a duet would certainly be something that the fans of Jennifer and Bruno would be happy.