Oct 25, 2014

For careers: Megan Fox neglected her kids?

Megan Fox neglected her kids

5 weeks after birth at full throttle

Megan Fox revealed recently that she had nothing against a third child with husband Brian Austin Green objection. The couple already has two children together, the two year old Noah (2) and those born in February Bodhi. But Megan has apparently not enough, even though the actress already at two kiddies feels them not to be always accessible.

"If you're a mother, especially when you're working, you feel, not enough to give. Five weeks after Bodhi's birth I have again turned - freshly sewn to, so to speak - and I gave full throttle. While five weeks should be sitting the chest his child in the rocking chair after"
-so Megan in an interview with the cosmopolitan. Yes, not everyone manages the balancing act between work and children. But when Megan it looked not so far really, she neglect their children. After all her family in contrast may refer to her career in the first place, even though the 28-year-old sometimes does not feel.
"I'm so grateful for my career, but of course I also constantly think: maybe my baby needs me - and I'm not there."
 Megan Fox