Oct 24, 2014

Details of the wedding Julia Savicheva

October 23 finally married Russian singer Julia Savicheva. More than ten years it remained in the status of the bride, and now on the eve exchanged vows of eternal love and fidelity to her lover Alexander Arshinov.

Wedding, as we reported recently, took place in one of Moscow shopping malls. Two distinguished guests put a huge table, decorated with white flowers. On the price for the newlyweds sang his hits, many of those who came to the wedding the bride's colleagues, and even Julia picked up the microphone to sing a song to her husband, "The Bride", dedicated to him.

Among the guests were Joseph Kobzon (for some reason the master of Russian pop ignored his speech in London, which took place at the same time), Irina Slutskaya, Anita Tsoi, Anfisa Chekhov, Nargis Zakirova Arkady Ukupnik and many others. The first dance of the newlyweds danced under Yulin song "Tai as snow." Savicheva so touched that he let the tears.

At the end of the celebration carried a huge white cake that Julia Alexander cut together. On the top tier are the figures of angels.

«A hair's breadth as our newlyweds, they are also similar to the angels," - said the publication of "Super" Lera Kudryavtseva.

Julia and Alexander simply inundated with gifts, however, turned out to be the most expensive gift from producer Max Fadeev - he gave the newlyweds a house in Bali. And most of Max's wedding was not (he's sick), but his ward and her husband gave such a warm "hello".

Recall that a week before the wedding, Julia was on the TV show "Alone with all", which told a leading TV program Julia men'shovoy about his relationship with Alexander. Couple met when the singer was only sixteen years old. According Savicheva`s, she fell in love with the voice of Alexander and she first contacted him. Despite the difference in the two years he seemed too old Julia. So-Me brutal with tattoos already in the tunnel, performing alternative music.

They lived in a civil marriage for eleven years. Julia admits that it was not always easy, the first four years "lapping" anything can happen, but now they just perfect relationship. If someone does something like - they immediately negotiate the problem, solve it, and do not hold yourself. This singer believes the key to a successful relationship. Council and love!