Oct 18, 2014

Cooking Queen: Lindsay Lohan is now becoming the housewife?

Cooking Queen: Lindsay Lohan is now becoming the housewife?
No matter what does this woman, you feel won't go, she every time manages to make stir. Lindsay Lohan has started but we know also so some questionable action. Therefore, there are certainly quite a few people who simply would trust about you. But the role that seems at the moment to go for it, but then again may surprise: an ordinary housewife.

The times should be apparently finally over the wild LiLo. Only recently did the former "girls mean!"-Göre said that she wanted to settle down and have children. Then, she showed also very stylish in unusually elegant look. Now she is presented on Instagram completely domesticated. Cook glove with wooden spoon, she stands on the gas stove and cooked a meal in the casual look. Will Lindsay so down to Earth? She really happy with their task in the kitchen anyway, still doesn't seem to be. But perhaps came the smile even at dinner.

So far it has brought more with the concept of Skandalnudel in connection Lindsay Lohan, than with cooked pasta.