Oct 22, 2014

Baby Support! Jaime King protected Rachel Bilson

In the series Hart of Dixie Jaime King plays on the side of Rachel Bilson. Meanwhile, the two actresses are really big with one another. Therefore, Jaime was also very worried about her pregnant girlfriend and told now.
"I was always super, super protective of her and her child over"

Jaime King is a mother herself and knows what it's like to have to work pregnant on the set: "Mir was intravenously administered fluid because it was so hot on the set Burbank I did not want Rachel the same thing happened," the actress told E ! News. Rachel, incidentally, was a great support during this time:
"She was one of the most important people during my pregnancy and my son you have an intimate relationship with each other, since they have met for the first time.." 
Now Jaime wants to be there for her friend and reveals that she is her with advice and act to the side:
"I tell you everything I know, we are very very close.."
In this respect there among fellow apparently no mare acrimony, but rather a familiar cohesion.

rachel bilson