Oct 31, 2014

Accused Lindsay Lohan: App idea just stolen?

Complaint seeks $ 60 million

Actually was just on a very good path Lindsay Lohan and was thinking even to settle down and to get young. But if it ever goes up, it can also very soon go down, rather directly in court!

The actress must answer now before exactly that, because she was denounced by a former business partner. As TMZ reported, the 28-year-old should have stolen a million dollar idea him. Apparently, it is an app, which you can buy after the clothes from friends or even celebrities themselves. Because Lindsay but wanted more shares in the companies, she summarily kicked the business partners from the project and developed the app with a different investor.

Apparently, the ousted plaintiff should now demand a whopping $ 60 million compensation from the former scandal noodle. Should he get away with that Lindsay would certainly not like at all.