Aug 2, 2014

Yikes! Kelly Osbourne risked a thick lip

Auweia. What the hell happened to Kelly Osbourne? The singer makes on the latest Paparazzobildern a very strange impression. Not only that it acts conspicuously absent and disoriented, the Good risked a pretty thick lip, not figuratively.

Yikes! Kelly Osbourne risked a thick lip

The beauty craze among the rich and famous almost seems to know no bounds. Operations are almost a daily occurrence and it would hardly be surprising if not Kelly child has left cut itself. That, at least let these images suggest, on which their lips look extremely bulky. Sure you can with makeup and other home remedies set a lot, but even this art are limits and going to the surgeon seems likely. In addition, the daughter of rocker legend Ozzy Osbourne looks rather confused when she leaves the car with a small backpack in hand.

Although the photographers often get angry moments in which even the most pretty scary Star may look, but Kelly seems to have anything without a plan in the eyes of all the images. Whether because someone has probably looked too deeply into the glass? Or acts as an anesthetic by about yet?