Aug 18, 2014

What happiness after a long grief: Friske lives a normal life again!

In all of the black - dress, glasses and scarf she walked through the mall on the outskirts of Riga and pushed a large cart, clogged products. In this woman no one knew the famous singer. But it was a star - Zhanna Friske!

God has heard all her prayers! More recently, the singer could not get up from his wheelchair, and now with the civilian husband - 31-year-old Dmitry Shepelev - goes shopping! That is again a normal, full life!
And the doctors were wrong! ..

See how 40-year-old Zhanna Friske lost weight! Compare with its more recent photos!

- Now everything is starting to recover gradually, - says Vladimir Friske celebrity dad. - My daughter is already walking on two kilometers without a sidecar. Her face took on almost the same form.

And here are the first fotodokazatelstva! We see that all it is! Is going very sick man shopping?

As Dmitri SHepelev paying at the checkout, Jeanne folded products in your cart, and then she rolled her to the car. Star bought mineral water, celery, fruits and vegetables - such food helps the singer quickly lose weight, shedding the weight gained after hormone therapy.

And mistaken German, Kazakh and Russian doctors! Miracle possible! All indications are that the singer is recovering rapidly! Zhanna Friske walks along the shore of the Baltic Sea and the shops! What happiness after a long grief!