Aug 8, 2014

Touch breast Miley Cyrus is worth $ 900

Revelation 21-year-old singer Miley Cyrus on stage knows no bounds. However, outside of the girl dares to such tricks. Cyrus concert, which took place on Friday (August 1) in New York's Nassau Coliseum will long be remembered Miley fan. A guy named David bought a "gold" card, whose main objective is to attend a concert and chat and photo with their idols. Ticket cost fan of $ 900, and it looks like David decided to complete "recapture" money. In the photo, which is laid out in a happy fan of social networks it is clear that David did not just put his arm around your favorite star, and touches her breasts. And apparently Cyrus not against it.

Sadly have to admit that from a good and talented Disney baby has grown so vulgar artist. What lies ahead, Miley?