Aug 12, 2014

Taylor Swift: Come now finally the new album?

The speculation is over. In the last week launched Taylor Swift in the network a mysterious guessing game. Your fans speculated eagerly to what would go with the great mystery. Now comes the resolution - at least partially.

Taylor Swift new album

On Twitter, the singer tweeted: "Have you told her right?" And posting a photo that at least a little light into the darkness brings: On August 18, 2014 by five clock in the afternoon is the pretty singer hosted on Yahoo livestream. In the run-up to it was on Instagram three mysterious tips to bring the fans to ponder. What exactly will happen in the live stream, but they still will not tell. Her fans hope that Taylor will finally bring the long-awaited fifth album on the market. For their last album "Red" with which they stormed the charts internationally, released the country-pop singer two years ago. Because it's time for a new one, find their fans.