Aug 2, 2014

Sylvie vs. Michelle: Who has the hotter Knackpo?

These two Celebrity ladies seem felt to spend as much time under the sun on the beach, as the television camera. Sylvie Meis and her colleague Michelle Hunziker are real Beach Babes. In the skimpy bikini she is pleased to present its top honors.

 Sylvie Meis and her colleague Michelle Hunziker are real Beach Babes

While Michelle relaxed with fondness in his native Italy, Sylvie currently vacationing with her son Damian in the south of France Saint-Tropez. Thanks to numerous paparazzi can be enjoyed in Germany at the beach mood. In addition, the prying photographers aimed their viewfinders exactly to the crunchy bottoms of the two ladies who are almost the same age. Michelle is only a year older than Sylvie, but has also been a child more than the native Dutch. Even with 37 makes it even her daughter Aurora competition. Such a comparison must Sylvie not stand, instead she plays left out with her son and also do this or something for their body.