Aug 8, 2014

Sergei Zverev: 'I do not want to eat Obama's feet'

Singer purchased in the supermarket Russian products

Singer Sergei Zverev purchased in the supermarket Russian products

The sanctions imposed by the Russian government on products from the European Union and the United States gave rise to conflicting opinions. Some worry that in their fridge ubavyatsya favorite foreign delicacies. Others, on the contrary, we are pleased to finally be able to eat a useful fare from domestic producers. Sophisticated star, accustomed to seeing on secular buffets table, bursting with sparkling glasses and various types of foreign snacks are also divided into two camps.

Singer Sergei Zverev, learning about the sanctions, upheld the decision of politicians. SUPER showman met in one of the capital's supermarkets and walked with the artist along the shopping arcade, carefully selecting the products of Russian manufacturers. Flamboyant singer not only explained why you should not look for an alternative to domestic producers, but also shared some recipes for your favorite dishes.

- I do not know about you, but I do not want to have "feet of Obama." - Zverev said, looking at chicken tobacco - I love all of ours, wings, legs.

Passing glazed cheese curds, the singer could not resist and took several, explaining his affection for the delicacy that often likes to be pampered curd product during frequent flights.

not remain without attention of the artist and the Russian herring. Assessing the quality of the fish, celebrity exclaimed:

- all I have taught abroad our herring! First were manufactured, and now buy themselves.

Finally Sergey expressed his opinion about the sanctions imposed on foreign products.

- I do not I come with you to discuss the President's decision. If the President decided to impose these sanctions, so it was necessary. As for me, my life did not change: I enjoyed as Russian products, and I will use it.