Aug 8, 2014

Rita Ora has participated in the creation of a collection of sportswear

Pop icon Rita Ora continues to work with popular brand Adidas Originals: within creative collaboration she has created several models of the copyright for the new collection of the brand. We bring you the first shots and teaser advertising campaign collection of clothes from the star.

For the new collection Adidas Original popular 23-year-old singer redrew the classic models, painted the colorful prints and variegated stripes.

Furthermore, bright beauty, of course, personally taking part in the campaign. In the first photo, she poses in a cap-beanies, cropped top and the bomber coated stripes and logos, and sports shorts. Consider also the promo video for the collection of Rita Adidas Originals. Start of sales is scheduled for August 20.

Besides spectacular blonde Ora, recall, brand collaborates with teen idols like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and other stars. Yes and Rita in such cases is no stranger: her account - shooting ad campaigns for DKNY, Rimmel, Material Girl.

Rita Ora in the campaign Adidas Original

Rita Ora in the campaign Adidas Original 1

Rita Ora in the campaign Adidas Original 2