Aug 8, 2014

Red merry: Prince Harry performed 'robot dance' the attraction

If you ask people in England who have their pet, they will no doubt answer - Prince Harry (although the last year for the love of the British, he is competing with his nephew - George). The red-haired monarch conquered the hearts of many people through his charming smile, sense of humor and spontaneity.

Prince Harry caught on camera at fairground with friends

Wherever the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II may be, it is always positive, it can not attract. And, of course, it is no secret that the prince loves good fun. For example, the other day he visited the music festival, where not only danced on a specially designated area, but also on the carousel.

"Dance" Harry attraction led to the delight of all the guests at the event: a member of the royal family waving hands as a robot and called to do others as well.
I could not believe it when I saw that the attraction sitting next to me, Harry. He spent his time well, depicted a robot, encouraging other travelers compliments.
- Said one of the witnesses.

Rate Prince dancing skills you can yourself, because the blogger bona_fides shares with us the video, which was able to remove one of the visitors of the festival.

Prince Harry caught on camera at fairground with friends