Aug 16, 2014

Photos: Lady Gaga arrived in South Korea

Today Lady Gaga flew from Tokyo to Seoul, where he will speak today at a music festival Now Festival. 28-year-old singer appeared at the international airport in the capital of South Korea in the next extravagant plumage.

Lady Gaga arrived in South Korea

Outrageous star walked through the Terminal in an orange knitted suit against Wilson and Pk and botilons open Cape Gianvito Rossi. Also, in the hand of Lady Gaga flaunted a vintage Hermes Birkin handbag. In addition, singer graced the person inserting the nose of an earring with Strass. She also painted her lips dark plum lipstick and pasted yellow lashes. This time the girl chose not to experiment with wigs and just removed hair in a bun.

During the passage through the airport, Lady Gaga has pleased the crowd and autographed photo fans. Singer posed, holding a South Korean flag.

Lady Gaga arrived in South Korea

Lady Gaga style