Aug 18, 2014

Photos: Based on 'The Great Gatsby': Madonna celebrates birthday?!!

Madonna is one of those celebrities who know a lot about good parties, therefore, when it comes to the holiday, the singer just simply bursting with ideas and is willing to spend big money.

Madonna celebrates birthday

So, on August 16 Pop Queen is 56 years old, and this is a great excuse to throw a great event on the French Riviera!

This year, organising events, artist found inspiration in the movie "the Great Gatsby": birthday girl and her guests, among whom were seen Kate Moss, the Creative Director of Givenchy's Ricardo Quiet and other famous friends of the star, chose to celebrate the outfits in the style of the 20 's.

Many have already published celebrations pictures from this event. And how else? All those present at the celebration could not stem the delight and instantly shared their emotions with subscribers.

Kate Moss and Madonna

Madonna daughter Mercy James

Madonna and Ricardo Tisci

Kate Moss, Ricardo Tisci and other party guests

Madonna and guests of the evening

Madonna and Dan Dean and Dan Caten