Aug 11, 2014

Oksana Lavrentieva and Anton Pak divorce

More recently, Oksana Lavrenteva still placed with social networking family photo with her husband, businessman Anton Pak, and here there was unexpected news that the couple divorced.

Oksana Lavrentieva and Anton Pak divorce

Oksana has confirmed itself: in an interview with Tatler, she said that really breaks up with her husband. Lavrentiev added that the reason was irreconcilable differences between the spouses - while she and her husband intend to remain friends.

Oksana comment on the matter:
Comment I gave the magazine Tatler, in my opinion, an exhaustive. I can only add that in the phrase "irreconcilable differences" do not always stand betrayal, resentment and dissatisfaction with each other. Sometimes people are well to each other are, but they see the way forward in different ways, and then they decide to remain friends, but to go our separate dorogoy. 
Nesmotrya that it is not the most pleasant event in the conventional sense, it seems to me that for us both is the beginning of some other good stories. 

Recall that Oksana Lavrent'ev and Anton Pak were married in February 2011.

Anton Pak and Oksana Lavrenteva