Aug 5, 2014

Nice one! Taylor Swift sings with a very sick fan

It may sound a little broad, but County-Girl Taylor Swift has just always looked after in the past so touching to their fans, to get hardly fail to give her the label "Everybody's Darling". Clearly know the young lady also to that reputation - and flirts obviously like it, especially if it can bring with it a bit more heat and light into the lives of their followers. They last made in a children's hospital a young leukemia patients a great joy when she sang soulful ballad "Someone Like You" with this Adele.

Taylor Swift sings with a very sick fan

The plan was this little scene but not really - it was sheer coincidence, the singer and the young man together on the piano. Like Just Jared reports that the 24-year-old saw the piano player accidentally in his room as he was about to rehearse the song a little. Without long batting an eyelash, was joined by the starlet and support the Klimperer active. "That was so great. That was just adorable," the "Red" interpreter afterwards, "You did terrific.'s Great that you've rewritten it so. That was incredible. You really know it." The young man is this sugar-sweet praise have probably brought a brief distraction from his otherwise so heavy and bitter disease, at least he was visibly excited about his vocal accompaniment, so out of nowhere there!