Aug 2, 2014

Media: Chloe Moretz meets Brooklyn Beckham

As reported by media, Brooklyn Beckham meets with Chloe Moretz. 15-year-old son of Victoria and David Beckham met 17-year-old actress three months ago at the Paris Fashion Week. Since novel and spun. 

According to a source, they were introduced to each other mutual friends, and in Los Angeles they rotate in the same social circles:
They are constantly talking, enjoying leisure - in general, do what all teenagers.
note in June for the first time the paparazzi photographed couple while riding skateboards in Santa Monica. As stated by one of the insiders, Brooklyn parents are raving about his girlfriend:
They both gave them his blessing.
Fly in the ointment, however, is also in the ointment: Brooklyn Beckham lives in London, and Chloe - in the United States. Recently, the actress admitted that she was too young for a serious relationship:
This is a difficult age for love - people are changing incredibly fast. I do not want to watch every step, because I'm only 17 and I am not obliged to do so.
Representatives young stars have not yet commented on the news.