Aug 16, 2014

Lopyreva showed video from the wedding with Polina

Popular socialite Victoria Lopyreva nine months after her marriage to footballer Fedor Smolova first posted on the Web video with celebrations that fans beautiful couple named "strange." Their troubled marriage registrar unusual in a bright blue jacket and sunglasses, original outfit groom choice of venue for the ceremony and even a bright red color television presenter

Anxious fans have suggested that Victoria was burned in the sun before the most important day in your personal life, so I do not spread on the Internet pictures with celebrations and shared video. For all the months that have passed since last year's wedding Lopyreva published no more than three photos, where she and her fiance are the lens back.

In addition, many believe that all marriages that are in the Maldives, unreal. Beauty blonde and she did not deny that formalize the relationship with her husband has yet to. In an interview, she said that they Fedor necessarily married in one of the capital's civil registry offices and arrange a magnificent banquet. A Maldives were selected because of their beauty and lack of prying eyes. On the islands there are no bystanders with cameras, so all of the wedding so indifferent would never know if she has not mentioned Lopyreva about it in the net.

No less suspicious to many was the abolition of the ceremony a few months before the celebration on Maldives. To some of the invited guests this news flew only at the threshold of Griboyedov registrar. Friends footballer, who arrived among the first wish to congratulate the newlyweds, were forced to leave. The surprise was the cancellation of the wedding and banquet organizer, which my mother called Victoria and asked to apologize to the guests.

For many, the news was a big surprise that the resin and Lopyreva became husband and wife in the Maldives. "We wanted a quiet family celebration, here and flew to where no one will find us!" - Boasted Victoria reporters, unable to hide an awl in a sack.

Interestingly, while some, having carefully studied the video mocked the Sun socialite and remembered the Indians, while others paid tribute to the beauty of her dress and began to wish the couple happiness and understanding: "Until the last breath you love one another", "beautiful couples have not met", "The Divine Woman".