Aug 3, 2014

Later this year: Justin Bieber makes it with Cody

As a fan of Justin Bieber you will probably be delighted that there is finally something new to the ears are from the supposedly musically-gifted prodigy since Mozart. Now the world seems to be allowed but think himself not only in anticipation of a solo album from Justin, no, there's even more! The lookup for all: new songs with youngster Cody Simpson. Maybe even an entire drive?

Justin Bieber makes it with Cody Simpson

The blonde told the jam session-mate Justin unfortunately not during his interview with Hollywood Life. However, Cody gave himself unequivocally for the record:
Well, Justin and I were now about two weeks in the studio, we have been working on something very great. It could have come out a little bit more than just a single song.
Whether it could but actually enough for a full album, is sometimes not fully understood, but what exactly was created when "messing around with the guitar," one could certainly get to hear later this year:
It is a really cool acoustic project!
Oha, it is tense as the strings of Justin's guitar!

That it apparently quite soon very many brand new songs by Justin heard are, excited you?

Justin Bieber makes it with Cody Simpson