Aug 18, 2014

Kim Kardashian: a change in radical look!

Don't worry, Kim has not really changed radically its look since it's photos taken for an advertising campaign...

That Kimmie fans can rest assured, the lovely Ms. West has adopted this look only for the needs of a shooting. Indeed, our beloved Kim K just posted some shots of his last shoot for the energizing Hype beverage on behalf instagram.

On first shadow, she appears with her hair braided to African-American in a Bodysuit black pink and pale blue that does not hide much of her generous breasts... Her legs and her famous hips are covered by a transparent black tights.

And other photos from the same shoot reality TV star deals with a really different look and which resembles that of his little sister Kylie Jenner: a cut, an extra t-shirt well short and wide with futuristic prints as a minidress and waders heeled laced toes to thighs. It really changes and it is going to delight you can't find?

The MOM of the little North has also posed in a leather dress who looks not really like him although it is short and ultra tight.