Aug 7, 2014

Kate Moss scolded Justin Bieber

Meeting Kate Moss and Justin Bieber ended quite unexpectedly for the singer: British model young musician decided to teach a lesson of good manners. Press reports that Moss simply chastised young rowdy - so much so that he was in shock!

At the party, birthday Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, where, as we already know, gathered many stars attended our heroes - Keith, have fun with Naomi Campbell and other friends, and Justin, which recently wrote all the tabloids .

As the correspondent of The Sun, Bieber expressed his desire to meet with the legendary supermodel friends and asked him to submit Moss. That's when Kate and agreed to with the singer "a serious conversation":
She said that he should have to behave decently, chastised him as a teacher.
Raleigh schoolteacher, which briefly took Moss itself did not match her outfit except that this evening.

But that did not stop model impress "guilty" Bieber:
He approached her confidently, as usual, and expected that it will be fascinated by them, and received a reprimand. It was like a slap in the face. 
Recall that the scandal involving Justin broke out last week: first, the singer took nearly passed in the fight verbal sparring with Orlando Bloom. Bieber then avenged offender in social networks, is placing a photo of his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, the most Bloom - in tears.