Aug 8, 2014

Joan Rivers became the center of a scandal

81-year-old actress and TV presenter scandalous Joan Rivers, known for her scathing remarks towards their colleagues from the world of show business, this time was at the epicenter of a political scandal.

Joan Rivers became the center of a scandal

Elderly celebrity commented military conflict between Israel and Palestine, and stated that the Palestinians .. "deserved to die." Joan supported the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which killed a lot of people, especially children.

No secret that the Palestinian movement Hamas is considered a terrorist, but to publicly endorse the death of so many innocent people, at least, disgusting.

"It's all the things you have started and you deserve to die. I do not sympathize with you, and you will not get me to experience empathy "- said Rivers.

This sentence shocked many Internet users and on the head of Joan rained curses. Those who were more restrained in expressions, just wondered why it is said.

«It does not matter who you support in this konflikte- Israel or Palestine, but to say" you deserve to die "- it's just a sociopathic" - wrote it indignant users.

However, this is not the first statement of Joan, which is puzzling. Thus, in an interview Rivers called the American President Barack Obama gay, and his wife Michelle - transsexual. When she was told that he had to apologize for his words, leading not thought to do it. On the contrary, she said that Michelle is a compliment, because transsexuals in understanding Joan - the most beautiful women.

Suffered from her stinging words and a lot of show business stars. So when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian showed the world a picture of my daughter in North, Joan said it first sees this kid that needs waxing. So much so, that one of the social events no one wanted to sit next to Joan, and organizer of many cost to find people who would not be annoyed by the company skandalistki.