Aug 6, 2014

It's not the sport ...That's why Senna is so slim & fit!

When she showed up recently in Berlin on the red carpet, because you could you really only nachhauchen a reverent "Wow": Senna Gammour (34) was presented to the preview of "Planet of the Apes" in a black outfit, not only by se looked good, but her slender body staged really great. Of course there has to be dug deeper: How they did it, so should get a great figure?

Granted, in top form, the musician has always been - but now she has the whole has once again put a bit of the crown. Opposite Celebrity Flash betrayed Senna her secret: "Sport it, to be honest, not very much, if anything, even a little yoga, a little Pilates, a little bit at home, not exaggerated Sports I stick strictly to mean.. diet and I give myself only good things. " . Whereby - even Senna sins quite suddenly a little bit when her emotions boil over a bit: "Of course I can not quite give up sugar, because I'm still a woman with emotions The always can spin times, then I do not need all fast times of candy. So, I still enjoy my life. "

A mix between a little training and a healthy food handling have thus allows the artist to be so fit. Because that was also her ultimate goal: to be fit and alert, not primarily to lose weight. Probably also the last month of Ramadan has a bit helped, but Senna also has this not been respected due to any vanity, but simply because it is part of their lives and their beliefs: "This is a mix for me between a lot of faith, discipline and Of course I bring there still my childhood, which was indeed taught me from a young age. "