Aug 5, 2014

Instead of 'Spider-Man' will be 'Spider Woman'

Anyone who expects the screens new movie Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield in the title role, will have to wait: the release tape "Spider-Man 3" in 2016 was moved to 2018 minutes. And while the film studio Sony Pictures plans to release a movie about Spider-Woman - "female version" of the popular character.

Among the characters of this comic heroine really already there, so the filmmakers invent nothing will. For all of them invented the famous publishing house Marvel: in his comics Spider-Woman has named Jessica Drew. Press suggests that her adventure and is scheduled to film - but officially it is not yet confirmed.

Screenwriter, incidentally, also hired a female: say, for the work will be taken Lisa Joy, worked on the screenplay series "Pushing Daisies" and "Black Label".

Andrew Garfield will soon have to give way to a female colleague

Source from the industry shared:
Even before the end of filming the last for today "Spider-Man" began to talk about what we will shoot next. Judging by the interest in such films as "Salt", "Lucy" and "Wanted", now there is a great demand for female characters.
While we can only speculate on which of the actresses could translate on-screen image Spider Woman. However, some have already expressed their interest.

Example, Karen Gillan, who played in the "Guardians of the galaxy," said in a recent interview that she wants to play Spider-Man in female guise. Let's see whether this idea will approve the creators of the future project!

Karen Gillan wants to try on a superhero costume

Spider Woman Jessica Drew