Aug 11, 2014

Horror accident shaken Dwayne Johnson's Family

As movie hero with muscular body Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson became world famous. But now he shocked with a photo showing a bad car accident, his fans. On it are two completely demolished vehicles, an officer and an ambulance. But what had happened?

Horror accident shaken Dwayne Johnson's Family

"My mother and my cousin (Lina Fanene) were this week hit head-on by a drunk driver - they survived," Dwanye wrote on Facebook. His first reaction was to find the person who caused the accident, and inflict merciless damage. But then the actor changed his mind, as he explained: "I realized that the most important thing was that my family has survived and we can hug tighter us now."

At the end of the statement calls Dwanye his readers to their families to embrace today very doll and be grateful that you look them in the eye and "I love you" can say. About 1.5 million Likes the emotional post has been showing what can cause drunk driving.

Dwayne Johnson