Aug 19, 2014

Historically: Kelly Osbourne launches clothing line

Singer and TV personality Kelly Osbourne is launching her own clothing line in collaboration with the Australian brand Jupi. The collection, entitled "Stories ... By Kelly Osbourne" will go on sale September 25.

The collection consists of 13 sets of clothing. Among the dresses design star - overalls polka dot dress, as if made from a British flag, as well as dresses with short sleeves cases, a pre-order which has made the singer Taylor Swift and Ciara.

As for the name collection - obviously , it is not by accident. Recall the recent Kelly tattooed word Stories in the temple. Here's how she explains his plan:
I believe that every time you put on this or that thing, because it is a story - good or bad. I do not set a goal to become the greatest designer. I'm not going to turn people's minds. I want to make a fashion a little more honest, and quality items - accessible to more women.
Last statement applies, by the way, not only to the issues of price, but also to the dimensional grid - all models will be presented in all existing sizes. In addition, Kelly has taken into account when designing it knows tricks to disguise figure flaws and emphasize the dignity.

Sketches collection_Stories ... by Kelly Osbourne"
Sketches collection "Stories ... by Kelly Osbourne"

Sketches collection