Aug 15, 2014

Drunk singer 'Lolita' arranged a concert at the Moscow metro. (Video)

Muscovites were very surprised that in the heat of the day in a hurry to the metro station "Pure ponds". Before entering, they saw the famous singer Lolita's, who had not quite ordinary performance.

According to NTV citing eyewitnesses of the incident, which is in a state of intoxication singer in the midst of the day arranged for an impromptu concert. Clothes she was wearing only a short T-shirt, barely covering the lower back. One of the witnesses ran to Lolita is happening with the handkerchief to actress tied it at the waist, but the star would prefer to throw it on the head.

It is noted that the motion Milavskaya, as well as her singing is not very accurate. Viewers who dared to approach the actress to get an autograph, felt emanating from it a strong smell of alcohol.

View from drunken Lolita in Metro lasted about ten minutes, until the on-site law enforcement officers did not appear. The police arrived at the scene to find out, for whatever reason, at the entrance to the subway crowded with people. It is noted that, when he saw law enforcement officers, the singer immediately disappeared.