Aug 6, 2014

Denial! Is Jennifer Garner not pregnant?

Baby boom in Hollywood - and Jennifer Garner in the middle? It is alleged that the wife of Ben Affleck is to be located for the fourth time in different circumstances and joyful expectation, according to an insider would also be another young and long-awaited cement their relationship, which is currently a little unstable. So far it was all but more rumor and speculation than concrete fact - even though you could barely wegleugnen the bulge under Jennifer's shirts. Nevertheless, the actress has, however, now be clearly announce: She was not pregnant!

This message was probably quite clear. Rumor had it already, the month in which the actress could be located from films such as "Juno", now their press representative Meredith O'Sullivan came on the scene that the news portal TMZ announced, among other things: your client Jennifer is definitely not pregnant. The fourth child, which determines already so many a fan would have seen only too happy in her arms, so obviously must still wait a while ...

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