Christina Aguilera gave birth to a baby girl

Christina Aguilera gave birth to her second child - a girl was born by Caesarean section in the hospital in Los Angeles Cedars Sinai. 33-year-old singer arrived there with her fiance Matt Rattler about 8 o'clock in the morning. 
Christina Aguilera

Recall that Aguilera has a 6-year-old son from his marriage to Max Jordan Bratmanom. The couple divorced in April 2011 about the second pregnancy Christina became known in February - a week after the announcement of the news of the engagement with the Rattler.

Christina Aguilera gave birth to a baby girl

Star recently posed nude for the August issue of V magazine and plans to re-strip to show the body after birth. Perhaps we are about the magazine Playboy. According to sources, Aguilera always liked her figure.

Matt Rattler, Christina Aguilera and Max

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